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Oregon Organic Hazelnuts

Three generations have been growing hazelnuts at Meridian Orchards since 1965.

Organic Farming and Processing

Meridian Orchards is a certified organic grower and processor. Want us to process your organic hazelnuts?

Fresh, Organic Hazelnuts

Our hazelnuts are grown, washed, and dried on-site. No waiting around for processing and it’s all organic!


When it comes to running a hazelnut orchard conventional farming methods are far and away the most popular. Why? Because organic farming, especially with hazelnuts, is really, really difficult. We’ve been creatively finding organic and symbiotic solutions for growing filberts for over 30 years.


Our hazelnuts are washed and dried on site. No waiting at a processor and everything is organic! This allows us to maintain control of our hazelnuts from start to finish and provide you with the freshest nuts possible. Want to learn more about our processing?

When you taste them side by side with anything else on the market they stand head and tails above anything else. 

Greg Higgins

Chef and Owner, Higgins Restaurant, Portland, OR

We've been buying Meridian Orchard's hazelnuts for over 20 years. They are the most delicious hazelnuts anywhere on this planet.

Julie Tilt

Co-Founder, Hummingbird Organics. Eugene, OR

Very likely the best hazelnuts in the world.

People's Food Co-op

Portland, OR