Regenerative Organic Farming

We’ve been creatively finding organic and symbiotic solutions for growing filberts for over 30 years. Although it's a far cry from the conventional approach to farming, learning from the land and exploring nature first solutions has always been our north star. Our new regenerative organic processes, raise the bar even higher.

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Purchase Raw Organic Hazelnuts

We sell our raw organic hazelnuts directly to wholesalers, health food stores, and restaurants. Minimum order size is one 25lb case.

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  • "When you taste them side by side with anything else on the market they stand head and tails above anything else."

    Greg Higgins
    Chef and Owner
    Higgins Restaurant
    Portland, OR.

  • "We've been buying Meridian Orchard's hazelnuts for over 20 years. They are the most delicious hazelnuts anywhere on this planet."

    Julie Tilt
    Hummingbird Organics
    Eugene, OR.

  • "Very likely the best hazelnuts in the world."

    People's Food Co-op
    Portland, OR.